Rutgers Department of Physics, SAS and

Graduate School of Education Present:

Physics teacher Summer training

Cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19,

will resume Summer 2021


Rutgers Physics Teacher Summer Training is a four-week professional development program for physics teachers of all levels, from conceptual to AP. The course is designed in the style of student inquiry and guided investigation, and is taught by 2019 PhysTEC Teacher of the Year Matt Blackman. Participants meet in the Serin Physics Lab at Rutgers Busch Campus to do the following:

  • Design and conduct NGSS-aligned lessons and activities.

  • Implement, modify and discuss inquiry-based lab exercises.


  • Develop and modify formative and summative assessments.

  • Receive and utilize a large number of classroom-ready resources for all core topics in the physics curriculum.

  • Discuss student motivation and classroom management strategies.

  • Network, share ideas and talk about best-practices with peers and colleagues.

  • And a whole lot more!


       Each day I gained deeper understanding in physics as well as pedagogical design, which has fundamentally elevated my teaching and dramatically improved learning outcomes for my students.

Rebekah DiGiacomo

Lonoke High School, AR

       During the workshop I was able to develop a solid foundation in multiple representations and questioning techniques. I was able to enhance my current lessons to offer a very thorough treatment of the subject matter right from day one.

Chris George,

Rutgers Preparatory, NJ

        From this course, I have developed a deeper understanding of physics for myself and I learned completely new ways to stimulate thinking in my students.  The entire course was a model for how to run a successful physics classroom. 

Donna Saulys

St. Peter's Prep, NJ

          Since I took the Rutgers course, my students are more engaged, able to collaborate more effectively about physics concepts, and are enjoying the class much more.  Matt’s class has given me the tools to help my students reach new heights.

Alice Fahy-Elwood

Somerville High School, NJ

       I learned that it is most important for students to grapple with concepts first and design their own questions. I have been inspired to change my teaching style, and my classroom is a more collaborative community of learners because of my experience this summer. 

Keisha Stephen

Highland Park High School, NJ

       My teaching is orders of magnitude better because of the experiences I had in the course. I teach at a much deeper level, and the students are all the better for it. It was worth every penny, and I recommend it to every physics teacher that I know.

Gil Rozensher

Cranford High School, NJ



Eugenia Etkina
GSE Coordinator, Pedagogical Design
Eugenia is a global leader in physics education, Distinguished Professor at Rutgers University, award-winning author and recipient of the 2014 Millikan Medal. Her approach to teaching and learning has revolutionized the way that physics is taught in countless classrooms around the world. Eugenia's lessons, strategies and ideas are infused throughout the course.
Amit Lath
Physics Department Coordinator, Teacher Outreach
Amit Lath is a particle physicist working on experiments at the Large Hadron Collider, on one of the teams that discovered the Higgs boson in 2012. He is committed to outreach and education and continues to work with the National Science Foundation's REU and Quarknet programs.
Matthew is an award-winning physics teacher, graduate instructor at the Rutgers GSE, and educational content designer. He has taught all levels of physics over the past 10 years, and has been recognized at the national and state levels for excellence in physics education. Matthew was recently named 2019 Physics Teacher of the Year by PhysTEC.
Matthew Blackman
Lead Instructor, Curriculum Developer

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Week 3
7/27 - 7/30
Electricity and Circuits
Week 2
7/20 - 7/23
Conservation Laws: Momentum and Energy
Week 1
7/13 - 7/16
Motion and Forces
Week 4
8/3 - 8/6
Waves and Optics
Labs: Modeling Motion, Buggy Crash Course, Graph Jeopardy, Investigating Newton's 2nd Law, Finding the Mass of a Car Using a Bathroom Scale
Labs: Building Momentum, Collision Stations, Energy Skatepark, Video Analysis
Labs: Modeling Charge Interactions, Coulomb's Law, Circuit Challenge, Investigating Ohm's Law, Loop Rule and Junction Rule
Labs: Standing Waves, Sound Lab, Developing Models for Light, Reflection Lab, Exploring Refraction 


The cost of the program is $300/week, or the entire four-week course for $1,000. Participants attending week 2 are recommended to also attend week 1. Graduate credit (3) is possible (requires additional work and final evaluation).

For information on how to register for the Summer 2020 session, please email Lisa Cascio with the subject line Physics Teacher Summer Training.


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